Talaba III

The Talaba 3 project, led by the NGO Les Canard’Z’Ailés, aimed to build a bridge in the Goubi canton (Talaba 3) east of the city of Sokode (Togo) and south of Kambolé. 

During the rainy season, which can last up to 5 months, many villages were isolated by the flooded river. The construction of a bridge would allow safer movement of people and goods, enabling hundreds of children to go to school, sick and pregnant women to go to the hospital, and farmers to sell their crops. 

Within the framework of this project, we have carried out the technical studies for the construction of the bridge while the NGO Les Canard’Z’Ailés has continued the execution of the work.

The construction phase began in early 2021 with the commitment of the construction teams and villagers working  day and night to complete the project before the rainy season. 

After a phase of land preparation and deforestation followed by the creation of two tracks, the excavations as well as the concreting and reinforcement of the foundations and pillars of the bridge were completed. The whole work of construction of the bridge is to be credited to the TC4 company, which has given a particular attention to the training of young people in public works.

After three years of effort, the project was finally completed in July 2021. The residents are delighted to be able to travel safely. We would like to thank the association Canard’Z Ailés and the company TC4 for their commitment and involvement in this project.