The project to create an apprenticeship training center for public works (CFA-TP) in the town of Gagnoa (Gôh region) in Côte d’Ivoire is a response to two problems: a lack of basic public infrastructure and the high rate of youth unemployment, which is linked to a mismatch between training and the needs of the labor market in the region. 

The response will involve capacity building for local authorities in the field of public works with the training model of construction site school. The young people trained will be able to be employed directly in the public works sector and contribute to sustainable local development, which is to the benefit of the population of the Gôh region. In addition, the project will also support the establishment of an inter-community project in the region.



This project proposes to act at different levels by : 

  • actively supporting local communities ;
  • reinforcing their capacities of action and management through professional training;
  • promoting inter-community project management, practice and the provision of technical and material resources in order to sustain the project over time;
  • setting up a vocational training system through construction site school in order to promote the professional integration of many unemployed young people and to train local community officials;
  • Reducing poverty and the lack of basic infrastructure for the population in a sustainable way

Excavators shipped for the public works training center of Gagnoa

Access to basic infrastructure remains at the center of public policy concerns in Côte d’Ivoire and is one of the major challenges to be met in the countryHowever, almost all local authorities do not have the financial, logistical and human resources to meet these challenges. Therefore, it is in the interest of these local authorities to join forces in order to pool their resources to implement development projects. Within the framework of this project, this will be done through the establishment of an inter-community association, consisting of the commune of Gagnoa and four other neighboring communes, as well as the Regional Council of the Gôh Region. The creation of this inter-communal association is a pilot project in Côte d’Ivoire, in line with the policy of the General Directorate of Decentralization and Local Development (DGDDL) of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs and Security. 

Within this framework, the first activity consists in setting up a training center for public works which will provide professional training leading to qualifications for apprentices, local technicians and students. Thanks to the construction site school, they will be able to carry out full-scale infrastructure and public works projects. The vocational training activities will be supervised by Ivorian trainers trained by the Center for Continuing Education in Public Works of Egletons.  The project will last about 30 months, and will start with the training of trainers in the driving and mechanics of construction equipment. 

Currently, the creation of the CFA-TP logistics platform is in progress. Also, a first dispatch of teaching materials and public works equipment was completed in late 2019. 

At the end of the 30-month project, no less than 200 young people will have been trained in public works. At the end of the project, the logistics platform will be transferred to the inter-community, which will continue to ensure the sustainability of the work undertaken previously.