Our Team and Organisation

Travaux Publics Sans Frontières is an NGO under private law with a humanitarian mandate and of general interest. Since its creation on 11 February 2015, TPSF has evolved in its internal structure as well as in its project development and implementation processes.


The head office is currently located at the FRTP Auvergne in Cournon d’Auvergne.

TPSF in France, we have …

  • 21 individual members
  • 11 public works companies as members or partners
  • 2 Inter-regional Public Works Federations (FRTP) as members
  • The National Federation of Public Works (FNTP) as our member

        we also have

  • a Board of Directors with 12 members
  • an Executive Committee of 6 members
  • a modest operating budget of 130,000 €, excluding projects

       and a democratic and transparent working system

Individual members

  • The founding members
  • Members of the Executive Committee
  • Members of the Board of Directors
  • Volunteers and civic services
  • The employee

The legal entities

  • Local authorities: they can be our members, supporting us or sponsoring us.
  • Entreprises : they can be our members, patrons, donors or sponsors.
  • Associations or NGO : they can be our members or partners.

The association may join groupings of associations with the same objectives. It may also form groupings with other associative partners pursuing the same goals.