The hydroelectric power plant of Andriatsemboka was realized in June 2009 by the Association of Engineers for the Development of Renewable Energies (AIDER). It is a project financed by the Tany Meva Foundation and AIDER. The initial objective was to provide mains electricity to Fokontany: Anjoma Fanamiana, Ampany and its surroundings within a radius of 3Km from the plant. 

As part of our partnership with AIDER, we plan to expand the existing network from 75kW to 180kW and increase the number of beneficiaries and support the economic activity of Andriatsemboka with green energy.

The site of the hydropower of Andriatsemboka is located on the river Andromba, in the region Analamanga, district Antananarivo Atsimondrano, rural commune Antanetikely and in the Fokontany Ampany.


The population of Andriatsemboka does not have access to electricity despite its significant water resources. TPSF, with its local partner AIDER, plans to extend the existing electrical network through the construction of a micro-hydro plant to increase the installed electrical power from 75kW to 180kW. This will allow more than 9000 people to have permanent and secure access to electricity. With this installed power, the rice farmers will be able to run their hullers with electric motors and free themselves from the very expensive thermal motors due to the high price of diesel. The EDF Foundation is interested in this project.

the site where the hydraulic turbines will be installed

A pumping of drinking water in off-peak hours in a reservoir will allow to the population to enjoy a healthy and clean water. The socio-economic studies were carried out by 2 students of the E.E-UCA supervised by our partners of the AIDER.

The needs

Madagascar is the 5th poorest country in the world with over 90% of the population living below the poverty line. Despite a growth rate reaching 3% in 2016, Madagascar’s development is fragile. In this context, access to energy remains a key factor in fostering development. While only 5% of Madagascar’s rural population has access to electricity, rural electrification projects are emerging across the country. The population of Andriatsemboka does not have access to electricity despite its significant water resources. The Antananarivo Institute of Technology (IST), in partnership with AIDER and the Rural Electrification Development Agency (ADER) of Madagascar, launched a project in 2008 to build a hydroelectric power plant in the commune of Andriatsemboka. However, this 75 kW power plant is insufficient to meet the villagers’ demand for electricity.


TPSF plans to expand the existing power grid through the construction of a micro-hydro plant at the Andriatsemboka site. This extension will increase the installed electrical power from 75kW to 180kW, taking into account the river’s capacity and the results of the socio-economic survey conducted in 2018.

The NGO TPSF is committed to the endogenous development of this territory and to the improvement of the living conditions of rural populations. This project therefore reinforces the efforts made in Madagascar for a sustainable increase in electricity production in the Analamanga region.