The project is located in the village of Zanvé in the South East of Togo, on the border with Benin. Mrs. Lakoussan-Cau, a native of Zanvé, noticed a lack of access to health care for the citizens, a situation that had already characterized her adolescence. This observation led to the creation of the association Âmes Bienfaites(Blessed Souls) whose mission is to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of Zanvé, and to make health care accessible to all. The latter contacted TPSF with a view to implementing a project to alleviate the disastrous health situation and ameliorate access to care.  

In addition, although Zanvé may appear isolated at first glance, it is surrounded by several villages with similar problems. The group of villages provides an opportunity to implement an original, innovative solution that could become a model for the surrounding localities.

The Women’s House project consists of a dispensary and a maternity ward. This project is divided into two parts::

  • A technical component for the construction of the dispensary, its supply of drinking water and electricity, as well as training in the maintenance of the facilities;
  • A medical component related to the training in current medicine and tropical diseases.
Subsequently, depending on the outcome of this project, the construction of a training center for medical personnel will be considered to expand the scope of the project.