Our Commitment

Our fundamental goal is to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of people in developing countries.

Our mission is to support projects that provide essential infrastructure to improve the living standards of the beneficiaries in a sustainable manner. Particular attention is paid to the involvement of local populations and actors, but also to the autonomy of the beneficiaries in the management and maintenance of the infrastructures. Our vision of international solidarity has led us to make Joseph Ki-Zerbo’s quote our philosophy: 

“We don’t develop, we develop ourselves.”

Joseph Ki-Zerbo

It brings together a set of values that are ours, both in our relationship with stakeholders and partners, in the design and implementation of projects and in our daily operations:

Our fields of intervention

Mainly made up of volunteers who are professionals in public works, development economics and project management, TPSF provides expertise and support from the definition to the monitoring and evaluation of projects. Also, well aware of the importance of participating in the achievement of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), we have defined our areas of action according to them, and thus intervene in 7 areas:

  1. Drinking water supply and sanitation
  2. Infrastructures facilitating food-producing and sustainable agriculture
  3. Electrification and public lighting
  4. Roads and development of public spaces
  5. Waste collection and treatment
  6. Education and professional training
  7. Support to stakeholders, in particular local authorities

Our approach

Teamwork and partnership is at the heart of TPSF’s operations. We have shown that solidarity is an integral part of the world of public works.

In this regard, we mobilize the actors of the sector of public works to carry out our projects. For example, we regularly obtain and transport equipment, machinery, vehicles and public works materials in France and Europe to create logistical bases for “construction sites-schools” which train young people in public works. The “construction sites-schools” allow the realization of local development projects and the eventual establishment of technical services in local communities. These actions require training in public works in France.

For more information, see our press kit below: