A potential for leapfrogging into renewable energy in Africa

It has been argued by some in international climate negotiations that developed countries have an emission debt to pay off compared to developing countries, as they already emitted a significant amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to drive their development in the past, especially during the period of industrialization. For the less developed countries, they … Read more

The Great Green Wall, a real opportunity or just a miracle for the development of rural areas in the Sahel?

Increasingly intense droughts, irregular rainfall, agricultural overexploitation, soil erosion, deterioration of vegetation and advancing desert: since the end of the 1970s, the Sahel has been one of the most deteriorated and degraded regions in the world. Particularly exposed to climatic hazards, this region is also heavily affected by poverty, which makes it more vulnerable to … Read more

History of NGOs from their creation to the new challenges of tomorrow

The founder of the Patagonia brand, Yvon Chouinard, famous for his commitment to the environment, announced on 14 September 2022 his wish to bequeath his company to a trust that will donate all of the brand’s profits to environmental NGOs. While this news is not surprising coming from this figure of environmental protection, it is … Read more

Flooding on the Cape Verde Peninsula

The populations of the poor districts of Dakar, first victims of the floods For several decades, floods on the Cape Verde peninsula have prevented the inhabitants from sleeping. They occur every year during the rainy season, from June to October, leaving behind deteriorated and unhealthy neighborhoods. This long-lasting phenomenon has been intensifying for recent years … Read more